July 09, 2012
Crate & Barrel Designer Challenge
Crate & Barrel Designer Challenge
Crate & Barrel recently held a Canada-wide contest for designers to create a piece of furniture. Only 3 in the country were chosen, and mine was one of them! The armless chaise I designed is scheduled to be released this Fall.

My inspiration was Balance. I wanted to design a piece that balanced elegance with personality- something that would appeal to a broad clientele and complement a variety of spaces. This armless chaise is the perfect shape- it’s simple silhouette may be used as a room divider, stand-alone piece, or placed within a furniture grouping. The cream & multi-coloured stripe is a combination that epitomizes the Yin Yang balance of subtle & bold. The neutral tones are timeless, and the bold stripes are used sparingly- just enough to add personality and coordinate with many colour schemes. Gender neutral. Timeless yet fashion forward.



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